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The first step is always the hardest but we're here to support you. The BBRF are offering a dedicated team of volunteers to talk, listen or text.


We are here to help, lines open. Private message or email us at and we will contact you.


The BBRF support motorcyclists and their families across the UK after serious and life changing injuries sustained in a motorcycle road traffic accident.


The BBRF can offer a wide range of support and you don't have to be a member to benefit. We can assist across the UK and are always open to requests from riders & families. We are here to support you and your family when you need it most. If you have a request please do contact us, we are here to help.  










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The Harry Dunn Campaign


The BBRF are proud to be actively supporting the Harry Dunn Campaign.


If you would like to learn more and help this great cause then please click the link below!

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Thank you for all of your support but there are still hundreds of families needing our assistance and help during their times of grief.


We have specially selected childrens books to help families that have lost a loved one. If you would like to donate to these families please click the links below onto which book you’d like to donate. Thank you!






Our world fell apart late in 2014, when my partner left home on a sunny Saturday morning for his ride " to blow the cobwebs away" he never returned. He was hit by a driver pulling out of a junction and was killed immediately, he never knew a thing.

My family and I were left with only memories, didn't know what to do, where to go or even how we were going to pay the next bills but most worryingly my young son wanted to know " where's Daddy? " I didn't know where to turn.


This is when the BBRF came on the scene, they were able to offer me advice, information and counselling, but most importantly a selection of easy to read books, on understanding grief and how to explain that to my son. They also sent us a series of age appropriate story books, which we read to him and he looks at, himself, daily.

These books have really helped support the grieving process, for both myself and my son. We have also been offered counselling by the BBRF and even a short respite break, which we hope to take


advantage of sometime in the future. Thank you, all the team at the BBRF and all your supporters you've helped make a real difference to our family.




I first contacted the BBRF a few days after my son's fatal motorbike accident. The police had given us Aiden's wallet back and in it I found a card saying he was a member of the BBRF. At that point I didn't have a clue what this organisation was or what it would mean to us. I sent an email to them really just to let them know that Aiden had passed away. I received back the loveliest email from the BBRF saying how sorry they were and how they could help us. I had no idea when I sent the email how thankful I would end up being to the BBRF. Over the next few difficult months, I received support from them by email, which, at a time when I was in utter despair, was so comforting. They were able to give me advice about all sorts of things including the inquest, trying to claim compensation and choosing a solicitor.


They very quickly got a cheque organised for me for £500 which I was so grateful for as no parent would ever think to budget for a funeral for their child. I was also advised further money could be available towards the funeral as well as help with counselling and many other aspects of help for what we were going through. Andy, the charity's founder, even brought the cheque by hand so we had the opportunity to meet him, and then returned to ride in the motorbike convoy which was organised for Aiden's funeral. Having the BBRF there as a point of contact was so comforting to me and my family. We knew we could contact them and ask anything. The months after the funeral were the most difficult, I had ever experienced in my life but they were made so much easier with the BBRF in the background. Thank you so much for being there.


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