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Registered Charity Number 1161587

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Congratulations to Roz S

from Lincolnshire with winning ticket number


Winning an amazing Darkhorse  

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Previous BBRF Raffle Winners 


BBRF Indian Chieftain Raffle



Raffle Terms & Conditions


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before entering the draw.


1.Participation in the British Biker Relief Foundation    ---- Indian Motorcycle ( 2019 Indian Chieftain ) Raffle costs £5 per entry.


2. Profits from this raffle will support the work of the British Biker Relief Foundation (BBRF). Registered charity: (1161587)


3. The raffle is open to all mainland Great Britain residents aged 18 and over (this excludes Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands and is due to Gambling Commission legislation).


4. It is an offence for raffle entries to be sold to, or by, a person under 18 years of age. If anyone is found to be under 18, they will automatically forfeit their right to a prize.


5. Payment for participation in the raffle can be made by cheque payable to the BBRF, by credit/debit card via our online secure payment system, through carefully selected associates or by cash at one of our stands sold by BBRF official representatives.


6. Charity Aid Foundation vouchers or those funded by Give As You Earn accounts cannot be used as payment for raffle tickets.


7. Raffle tickets will be entered into the draw when the whole payment is received.


8. The closing date for postal & website entries is midnight 03/11/2019. Late and invalid ntries will be refunded upon being requested within 28 days of purchase & before the date of the draw. If not requested within 28 days of purchase all other late and invalid entries will be treated as a donation to the BBRF.



9. The draw will take place on the weekend of the Friday 22/11/2019., although if all tickets are sold before this date , we withold the right to hold the draw and announce the winning tickets before this date.  Winning entries will be randomly drawn in the presence of at least two indipendant witnesses.


Prizes are as follows:

( No cash prize equivalent can or will be offered for any and all prizes including the first prize.)


First prize: An Indian Motorcycle ( 2019 Indian Chieftain) colour may vary to bike shown.


10. The winner will be notified within one week after the draw by telephone, email or by post where a telephone number is not available


11. A list of the winner's names, counties and winning numbers will be posted on our website and on social media. To request a winner's list by post, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to “BBRF Raffle Winners”, To the registered charity address posted on the contact page of this website.


12. Winners agree for the BBRF to use their names , interviews and photographs in publicity for the BBRF. Winners will be asked to provide a photograph or to be photographed / filmed and interviewed & to provide a quote about winning in order to help the BBRF promote future fundraising draws.


13.The Winner of the main prize will be asked to collect the First prize in person and to arrange all insurances,  transportation and be responsible for any costs incurred in doing so.


14. For all online entries there will be a p@p charge of £0.85p by completeing your purchase through our checkout system you agree to this charge. Please normally allow up to 28 working days for delivery, in exceptional circumstances delivery may take longer.



15. Compaints procedure available upon request , through writing to Raffle, Unit 7, West Devon Business park, Tavistock, Devon. PL19 9DP, email and via this website link Complaints




GambleAware is the UK’s leading authority on the provision of support, advice and counseling to people affected by gambling problems. If you or someone you know needs help or advice, call their helpline on 0845 6000 133 or visit


Raffle T&C's


Gambling Policy







Gambling policy




1.Crime Prevention  


2.Social Responsibility Policy


1.Staying in Control


2.Direction to Counselling/ Advisory Services


3.Staff & volunteer training




5.Self-Help, Exclusion & Awareness Info


6.Employment of Children & Young Persons


3.Under Age and Vulnerable Persons


4.Fair & Open Draws


5.Queries & Complaints Procedure


6.Raffle Rules





The British Bikers Relief Foundation (BBRF) Charity wants everyone to enjoy gambling safely and within the three objectives that the Gambling Commission set out in the Gambling Act 2005:


•to keep crime out of gambling

•to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way and,

•to protect vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited from gambling.


We are committed to endorsing a responsible attitude towards gambling and we have a responsibility as a provider of gambling services to be aware of the social consequences associated with gambling. We seek to not only comply with all legislation and guidelines provided but also endeavour to put in place as many measures as possible to protect people who are vulnerable to gambling.


The following is how The BBRF aims to prevent the misuse of their gambling activities by users.


1.Crime prevention


Any suspicious or fraudulent transactions will not be accepted. Any attempted suspicious transaction will be logged and reported to the police where appropriate.


All players must have a declared permanent address within an accepted territory: UK mainland, Scottish Islands and Isle of Wight.


Addresses in the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man will be removed.


We will keep a record of all tickets sold and unsold.


We will be able to provide information for any police checks of a Lottery Ticket seller

that may be carried out. We will also be able to provide address details and details of any monies sent in for tickets received.


Our licence holder, Ginnette Slater, will process all online entries.  All monies are paid in directly to our own bank account, and banking reports can be accessed on a daily basis.


In addition to this, we will sell tickets at biking rallies and events.  The licence holder will keep a record of all tickets sold and unsold at these events.  The volunteers will process all entries and handle all monies received for the raffle.  This is then paid in to our account.


BBRF will advise supporters not to sell tickets in the street. This advice will appear on the reverse of all tickets.



2.Social Responsibility Policy


1.Staying in control


Whilst the majority of our supporters gamble within their means, for some it can be more difficult. Our intention is to present supporters with incentives that do not encourage problem gambling and are set within sensible spending.


2.Direction to counselling/advisory services


We are committed to making clear information about the risks of gambling and treatment of problem gambling. Information about the support available for those who feel they have a problem will be made clear via raffle tickets and our web site.  


3.Staff and volunteer training


All volunteers involved in the selling of raffle tickets will be aware of our social responsibility. Procedures will be put in place to ensure gambling policies and best practice is followed. The latest developments on responsible gambling practices will be detailed frequently in the company’s internal communications.




We will re-assess and evaluate our policies on social responsibility in light of all new research and best practice which we are privy to.


5.Self-Help, Exclusion and Awareness Information


We will signpost our users who feel they may need support to the Gamcare website where there is an array of support and advice.


We will also remove, within 48 hours of receiving any request, the names from our mailing list of those who do not wish to receive any further gambling mailings. These names will be held on a register of those who have excluded themselves from gambling and no gambling materials will be sent to them again.


If you or a family member feels that they are experiencing problems with gambling, you can seek advice and support from trained counsellors at GamCare by calling 0808 8020133 or via their website


6.Employment of children and young persons


All volunteers will be given the option of not selling tickets.  We do not have volunteers under the age of 18.


All volunteers will be made aware that the law prohibits underage gambling and to only sell tickets to those aged 18 and over.




3.Under aged and vulnerable persons


BBRF’s  gambling activities are only open to those over the age of 18 and this will be clearly stated on our web site and back of all tickets. We will also train volunteers selling tickets to only those over 18 and if in doubt request identification before selling tickets. Advertising promotional activity is not targeted at minors.


If anyone under the age of 18 is found to have entered any game, they will be automatically removed from the draw and removed from any mailing lists. The police will be contacted in the event of actual or potential underage gambling and no winnings paid on transactions accepted from anyone under 18.


We reserve the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and volunteers are trained to ask anyone who looks underage for proof of identity. If we are in any doubt we will not sell any tickets to that customer until proof of identity is provided.




4.Fair and open Draws


Rules for the draw will be listed on raffle tickets and explained in any mailings we send out with raffle tickets included. The full written rules will be available on request.


All draws will be drawn at BBRF’s premises or event, in clear sight of volunteers - conducted at random using a blind draw.


Winners will be contacted by post, email or telephone no later than two weeks after the draw date. A list of the results will also published on the website.  Winner’s information will be available on request.


Printed versions of rules will be available on request.


We have a complaints procedure in place.



5. Queries & Complaints Procedure


We will advise supporters to contact us by telephone, e-mail or post at our Head Office with any query or complaint in the first instance.


It will only be situations where an informal discussion of a complaint or problem has been tried, that a more formal complaints procedure will be used.


If the supporter is not satisfied with the initial response they receive, they will be asked to put their complaint in writing to the Director of Fundraising.


The Director of Fundraising will send an acknowledgement in writing of the complaint within 48 hours of receipt, and begin an investigation.


Every effort will be made to complete this investigation within seven days of receipt. The Director of Fundraising will then contact the supporter with the findings, recommendations and proposed actions.


In the unlikely event of an agreement not being reached between the Director of Fundraising and the supporter, the complaint will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for their intervention.


Only the Director of Fundraising or the Board of Trustees has the authority to agree a

resolution, when the formal complaints procedure has been instigated.


If this fails to bring about a resolution, then the complaint will be referred to IBAS (Independent Betting Advisory Service) for arbitration.


Telephone complaints


Initial complaints and queries, will be dealt with over the telephone by BBRF licence holder, Ginnette Slater.


If the licence holder cannot resolve the initial complaint, the complaint is logged and forwarded immediately to our Director of Fundraising to be resolved.


Written Complaints


Initial complaints and queries will be responded to within 48 hours of receipt of

complaint by the BBRF’s gambling licence holder.


If our licence holder cannot resolve the initial complaint, the complaint will be logged and forwarded immediately to our Director of Fundraising to be resolved.



6.  Raffle Rules


The cost of entry is £5 per ticket.


Due to Gambling Commission regulations this raffle is only available for residents of Great Britain and is not available for residents of Northern Ireland.


Entries are not open to volunteers of the BBRF.


Tickets are not for sale to or by anyone under 18 years of age.


No ticket to be sold to or by anyone on the street.


Entry closes at the 10am 22nd of November 2019; the draw takes place at 2pm 22nd November 2019


Winners will be notified by post, phone or e-mail.


The physical prize will be handed over one week after the draw or at the earliest convenience to the winner.


A list of winners will also be published on our website. You can opt for no publicity at anytime by contacting



The BBRF reserves the right to use the winner’s name for promotional purposes. These will only be in summary e.g. Mr Smith from London.


Winners may be asked to take part in PR and promotional activity to help the Charity promote future fundraising draws.


Monies received after the close of the draw date will be treated as a donation unless a refund is specifically requested in writing within one month of the close date, last day of April 2019. G.Slater BBRF Unit 7 West Devon Business Park,

Tavistock, Devon PL19 9DP



To register for self-exclusion from gambling please go to

GAMSTOP lets you put controls in place to restrict your online gambling activities.

You will be prevented from using gambling websites and apps run by companies licensed in Great Britain, for a period of your choosing.


There is a limit per person of £100 worth of tickets.


Our complaints procedure can be found on the BBRF website under complaints.


Gambling Commission operating No 051907